[HOY] Blockchain y el Registro de la Propiedad de Puerto Rico

A continuación reproducimos el comunicado de prensa del capítulo de Puerto Rico del Government Blockchain Association:

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Puerto Rico chapter will be hosting John Dean Markunas, who leads the Land and Registry Working Group from the GBA. John has explored blockchain technologies in addressing land title processes around the world and will share details on successful case studies and pilot projects, and provide recommendations based on the needs in Puerto Rico.

To understand those needs, we’ll open up with a conversation with Joaquín del Río, General Administrator of the Property Registry and Alberto Lugo, CEO of INVID Group, who worked closely on the development, design, and launch of the Karibe platform which underpins the Registry’s operations.

Did you know that the modernization of the Property Registry was paid for with a special fund feeding off the income generated by the new digital services that it offers? In a little over a year, the Registry recouped the entire investment, including the digitalization process, IT infrastructure, development, and implementation.

The Property Registry generates over $150,000 in MRR

Too often our Government (Fiscal Board included) fails to engage with the right researchers, academics, non-profits, community members and private industry across an array of disciplines, such as data science and user-centered design, to understand our current challenges and respond effectively to solve our most relevant needs. The Property Registry modernization proposal in the Fiscal Plan is one example.

Just what does «Modernize the property registry by leveraging the use of technology through a public-private partnership» really mean? Is there a clear understanding of where the pain points are and what the Property Registry really needs to address them?

Join us in a discussion with key stakeholders who will share stories on the Karibe development process, the challenges faced after Hurricane Maria and what is really needed to deliver a more effective service. It will be moderated by Miguel Marxuach, CEO of Microjuris.

Join us Wednesday, Septembrer 19th at 6.30pm @ Piloto 151