«From the Bar» regresa con una edición sobre el juez Juan R. Torruella

Tardó unos años, pero ya está de vuelta el premiado boletín del capítulo de Puerto Rico de From the Bar.

La nueva edición está dedicada al Honorable Juan R. Torruella.

Descárgalo aquí.

Esperamos que lo disfruten.


  • Editor’s Committee Message pg.2
  • President’s Message pg.3
  • Upcoming Events pg.3
  • Torruella: unclassifiable hero pg.4
  • In Honor of My Mentor pg.5
  • Note on Judge Juan R. Torruella pg.5
  • The Judge: a peek from the inside pg.6
  • Judge Torruella: A legacy of commitment to justice pg.8
  • Clerks Tidings pg.9
  • Commentary: What’s taking up so long for judges to rule? pg.13
  • FBA Student Chapters pg.15
  • FBA’s Federal Bar Review Course pg.16
  • Blurbs of Past Activities pg.18

Message from the Editor’s Committee (Sarika J. Angulo-Velázquez, Linette Figueroa-Torres & Cecilia M. Suau-Badía)

With this issue we commemorate the Honorable Judge Juan R. Torruella (1933-2020). In honor of Judge Torruella, we look back to his legacy and remember with great appreciation his unconditional help to the Hon. Raymond L. Acosta PR Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

As you may already know, Judge Torruella was nominated by President Gerald Ford and appointed as United States district judge in 1974. He then served as chief judge of this Court from 1983 to 1984. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan nominated him to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit where he served for thirty-eight years, and as its chief judge from 1994 to 2001. Despite reaching retirement age two decades ago, Judge Torruella remained active on the bench without diminishing his workload. An accomplished lawyer, scholar, writer, and Olympian, Judge Torruella will foremost be remembered as our esteemed friend, mentor, and colleague. Today we celebrate him.

In this issue you will find articles written by former law clerks who had the privilege of working with Judge Torruella during his tenure. We particularly thank Ricardo F. Casellas, Néstor Méndez, Margarita Mercado, Jacabed Rodríguez, and William Sewell for making this issue possible. We also thank María Antongiorgi, Esq., Clerk of Court, for her contribution to this issue and
look forward to learning more about the inner-workings of her office.

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