Luis Parrilla-Hernández

Luis Parrilla-Hernández

Luis Parrilla-HernándezLuis Parrilla-Hernández joined Ferraiuoli LLC in September 2013 and is Senior Associate Attorney for the Litigation Department. His principal areas of practice include commercial foreclosure and civil litigation.
Prior to joining Ferraiuoli, Mr. Parrilla-Hernández worked as an Associate Attorney for Sepulvado & Maldonado, LLP and Sergio A. Ramírez de Arellano Law Offices.

Mr. Parrilla-Hernández has developed extensive litigation background in residential and commercial foreclosure, torts and Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA) in State and Federal Judicial Court Systems.

Mr. Parrilla-Hernández is also a Notary Public.

He co-authored the article «La necesidad de implementar estándares ergonómicos en el área laboral», 45 REV. D.P. 85 (2006).

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