Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis: Laying the Groundwork

Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis: Laying the GroundworkFor the first time in Puerto Rico, an interdisciplinary event will be assembled to discuss all aspects of the medical cannabis industry laying the groundwork for a new era from June 28-29, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

Conference participants will gain valuable knowledge in global practices in the business, real estate opportunities, technology, science, research, laws and regulations of medical marijuana.

The conference is targeted to those looking to enter the industry and those who wish to learn about the medical properties and benefits of cannabis treatment.

The Medical Cannabis Event will present a wide scope of business model possibilities for Puerto Rico and other jurisdictions. By gathering local and international professionals in the Medical Cannabis industry this event will provide the participants knowledge and networking experiences that will address: licensed producers, government and regulatory issues, industry consultants, quality control professionals, medical practitioners, supplies for medical marijuana growers, MM dispensaries, facility engineers, calibration and validation professionals, real estate professionals and medical cannabis growers, among others.

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