9th Quest for Global Competitiveness Conference

9th Quest for Global Competitiveness Conference
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The 9th Quest for Global Competitiveness Conference – 2014 (Q9). Q9, sponsored by the School of Business Administration, University of Puerto Rico, will be held from March 13-14, 2014 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Theoretical, empirical and practical papers in all areas of business and related fields are welcome. English and Spanish language sessions will be held.

Q9 welcomes theoretical, empirical and practical submissions in all areas of business and related fields from researchers, business leaders, academics, industry specialists, and practitioners interested in advancing global competitiveness.

This year’s Conference Executive Committee is encouraging submissions related to e-commerce, social networks, IT, whether related to business, economics, science, humanities, education, or any other area. Panel proposals are also welcome and may be theoretical or practice-oriented.

Keynote Speakers

Licenciado Eugenio J. Torres-Oyola
Mr. Torres-Oyola is a Capital Member of Ferraiuoli and the Chair of its Intellectual Property Practice Group. As such, he concentrates his practice on intellectual property and technology, and entertainment law. Since 2001, Mr. Torres-Oyola is an adjunct professor of the University of Puerto Rico School of Law where he has taught elective courses in Patent Law Practice, Cyber Law, and International Patent Law Practice. He is currently teaching an Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic course and heads the University of Puerto Rico Law School’s Intellectual Property Institute.

Licenciada Maristella Collazo Soto
Mrs. Collazo-Soto is a Member of Ferraiuoli, she joined the firm in September 2010 as part of the intellectual property and litigation departments, focusing her practice in litigation and consulting matters within the intellectual property industry. Her main areas of practice currently include: intellectual property, commercial litigation, and corporate law as related to intellectual property matters. Given her background in business and intellectual property, Mrs. Collazo-Soto has become highly skillful in advising clients in matters related to patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, right of publicity, and the negotiation and drafting of newspaper, software, copyright and trademark licensing agreements. Mrs. Collazo-Soto has successfully represented clients in multiple patent infringement, unfair trade, trademark infringement, and counterfeit cases in Puerto Rico and in the Eastern District of Texas.

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Julizzette Colon-Bilbraut, Esquire
Julizzette Colon has more than 12 years of legal practice in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in social networking, a digital marketing advisor and founder of the first firm of consulting and implementation of social intelligence in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Monitor SN. Her practice focuses on advising online businesses, legal compliance in the digital market, digital intellectual property, privacy of data, social networking and cyber disputes.

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