Giving for Puerto Rico Relief & Recovery after Hurricanes Irma & María

Consultiva Internacional presents a curated list of organizations that provide recovery and relief for Puerto Rican families and communities gravely affected by Hurricanes Irma & María:

Various clients and colleagues have expressed their desire to give to organizations in Puerto Rico that can quickly turnaround and provide relief to Puerto Rican families and communities gravely affected by Hurricanes Irma & María. Others have also inquired about opportunities to support medium and long term recovery efforts of the Island’s infrastructure and economy. In this report we identify and describe five initiatives spearheaded by public and private organizations based in Puerto Rico, and closely linked to the communities and native businesses were thousands of Puerto Ricans live and work. By directing your support to these initiatives your money will have a greater chance to be put to work quickly.

Four of the relief and recovery initiatives presented in this special report have been organized by private sector organizations known to Consultiva Internacional. The fifth, United for Puerto Rico, is a state government initiative spearheaded by the Office of the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló. All seek to provide immediate humanitarian assistance and promote the recovery of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and economy.


Embracing Puerto Rico
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Real Time Recovery Fund
ConPRmetidos / Foundation for Puerto Rico

United for Puerto Rico
Office of the First Lady, Government of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Recovery Fund
Center for the New Economy

Puerto Rico Community Recovery Fund
Puerto Rico Community Foundation

Download detailed information per organization (PDF)