Law Review Writing Competition: P.R.O.M.E.S.A.

In 2016, the United States Congress approved the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act, also known as P.R.O.M.E.S.A, and thereby established an Oversight Board to handle Puerto Rico’s dire financial crisis. Since then, there has been no shortage of comment or question on the matter. However, the full extent of the law and its ramifications remain undefined. What is the Financial Oversight Board? What are its limits? Where does it fit? What effects does it have over governance, business, public policy, constitutional rights, etc.? The question of P.R.O.M.E.S.A.’s overall effect on the rule of law in Puerto Rico is evidently broad. Perhaps, then, it is time for us to sit down and ask ourselves what that means.

The Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Law Review implores students, professors, and lawyers everywhere to ponder on the topic of P.R.O.M.E.S.A. and its effect on our Rule of Law. Recent developments in the federal courts have made the need for clarification quite clear. For this reason, we invite you to submit papers for our law review responding to this question: How has P.R.O.M.E.S.A. affected the Rule of Law in Puerto Rico? There is not limit on subject matter. From worker’s rights to sovereignty issues, from hermeneutic issues to policy issues, there is much left to say.

Competition Guidelines

This competition will be open to all applicants, particularly to law students of any of the three Law Schools in Puerto Rico. The top three papers will be selected by a panel of three judges and their writers will be invited to speak on their findings as well as a guaranteed a publication in the Law Review. Papers that do not place may still be considered for publication, if they comply with the standards of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Law Review. Papers are due on February 28, 2019 at 11:59pm. The winners will be announced the next month and prizes will be awarded.

Applications should be submitted to in a one PDF document with the following information: (1) Resume; (2) Proposed Abstract in English and Spanish; (3) Photograph, (4) Contact Information and (5) Competition Paper. Physical paper submissions will not be accepted.

Paper Requirements: Papers should be written in English and focus primarily on Puerto Rico Law. Papers must: (1) Be between 20 and 30 pages; (2) Use Times New Roman 12; (3) Be Double-spaced; (4) Be Justified; (5) Include citations in footnotes; (6) Use Bluebook Uniform Citation Manual.